Caird Park

Caird Park Community Sport Hub

Caird Park Community Sports Hub is a city wide hub centered around the facilities at Caird Park and the Regional Performance Centre for Sport. A wide variety of sports are part of the hub including Athletics, Cycling, Football, Golf, Rugby and Wheelchair Sports. One of the main strengths of the Hub is the established sports clubs which originated from Caird Park including Athletics Club Dundee Hawkhill Harriers, Cycling Club Discovery Junior Cycling Club and Caird Park Golf Club. All of these clubs have long histories and are well established sports clubs in Dundee.

The strength of the Hub has increased with the addition of 4 clubs in recent years – Dundee Dragons Wheelchair Sports Club, Dundee Sporting Football Club, Golf Dundee Ladies Section and the Morgan/ Dundee High Rugby Partnership. Dundee Wheelers Cycling Club brings the number of member clubs to 8. Bringing these 8 clubs together and sharing resources, ideas and enthusiasm we strive to make a real impact across Dundee.

Caird Park Community Sports Hub has taken large strides forward in the last few years becoming a constituted group, establishing a committee which includes Young Decision Makers and holding regular formal Hub meetings. The Hub are keen to improve the skills of their coaches and volunteers and have run hub First Aid and Child Protection courses.

With a number of member clubs utilising the facilities at the Regional Performance Centre for Sport there is excitement around the opportunity to develop activities which will ensure the Hub goes from strength to strength in the future.

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