Fairfield Community Sports Hub

Fairfield Community Sports Hub was established in 2008 due to the demand for a sustainable local venue, suitable as a multi sports facility for the local community and surrounding areas. The upgrading and growth of facilities has been helped by grants, fundraising events, committee members, and local community groups. The ethos of the Hub is to be the catalyst in bringing back a sense of pride, enthusiasm and connectivity to the community through sport and other recreational activities for both youths and adults alike.

The Hub promotes active participation in sport, exercise and physical activity for as many people as possible in the community while aiming to create healthy members of the community who are able to cope with the stresses of daily life. The Hub have a hard working committee who have developed the Hub further with the introduction of disability football, girls football and walking football. Fairfield have developed close links with Active Schools enabling the Hub to deliver football and tennis in the local schools and run holiday programmes.

The Hub’s facilities currently consist of an 11 a side grass pitch at Fairfield Park, Drumgeith Pavilion and Fairfield Sports & Leisure Club. Drumgeith Pavilion includes a gym studio which is used to deliver activities including boxing and fitness classes for the community. In addition the pavilion includes a community café and changing facilities.

Fairfield’s sports include:

Boxing: Based at Drumgeith Pavilion opportunities for children and adults to participate.

Dance: The Hub offers a variety of different dance styles through member clubs Harvey School of Dance and Karen Kennedy’s Line Dancing.

Discovery Twirlers: Discovery Twirlers run baton twirling class for girls and boys aged 3 years +.

Football: There are a number of teams who are members of Fairfield CSH at present from pre-school football, 4v4, grassroots, girl’s soccer centres, disability football, walking football and amateur teams.

Tennis: The Hub has developed a school tennis club as a result of delivering taster sessions in local primary schools. The Hub now run a tennis cluster club at a local primary school.

Fairfield Community Sports Hub

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