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Niall Nicolson
Football Development Officer
Leisure and Sport Dundee

Development Football Clubs

The Football Development Officer Niall Nicolson works closely with the Scottish FA East Region Community Club Manager to support and develop local boys and girls clubs in Dundee.

“Our strategic objective is to identify the role of Clubs in broadening community participation and the Development of excellence”

In order to fulfil this objective, the Scottish FA has introduced a “Quality Mark” accreditation initiative for Grassroots football. Schools, having also been identified as playing a vital role in the recruitment, retention and development of young footballers and volunteers, will also benefit from involvement in the Quality Mark scheme.

The initiative has the following headline objectives:

  • Increase, retain and develop Grassroots players and Volunteers of all ages and abilities within football
  • To raise playing, coaching and administrative standards within grassroots football
  • Reward quality and football development
  • Create player pathways between the Children and Adult recreational game to encourage lifelong football participation
  • Create links between the Youth and Senior game to allow a player pathway for late talented developers
  • Shift from Scottish football’s “one team” culture and develop a more inclusive “Community Club” orientated system

For further information contact Niall Nicholson using the Contact Details above.

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