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Dundee Pain Association Programme 2024
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Meetings are held Tuesday 10.30am-12.30pm.
Meetings will be online if a venue is unavailable.

Tues 23rd Jan - Pacing
Tues 20th Feb - Balance of Life (online)
Tues 19th March - Improve your Sleep
Tues 23rd April - Stress and Window of Tolerance (online)
Tues 21st May - Relaxation and Visualization
Tues 18th June - Social Interaction (online)
Tue 23rd July - Models of Health

Summer Break

Tues 17th Sep - Flare ups (online)
Tues 22nd Oct - Understanding Pain
Tues 19th Nov - Dealing with Anxiety (online)
Tues 17th Dec - Resilience

This is a professionally led training group for people with all forms of chronic pain. Sessions focus on building skills that help you to regain control and cope more effectively. You are welcome to attend at any point during the programme. You do not need to be referred by a health care professional to attend.

We acknowledge part funding for this project from NHS Tayside,

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Tuesday 18th June 2024 10:30am
Tuesday 23rd July 2024 10:30am
Tuesday 17th September 2024 10:30am
Tuesday 22nd October 2024 10:30am
Tuesday 19th November 2024 10:30am
Tuesday 17th December 2024 10:30am
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