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  • Central Library Wargames Club Image
    Central Library Wargames Club
    Saturday 24th February 2024 9:30am
    Children's Centre, Central Library
    Central Library Wargames Club 9.30am runs every 2nd Saturday. Providing tabletop games in Dundee Libraries for under 18s. Follow us on Facebook ...
  • Dundee Improv Workshops Image
    Dundee Improv Workshops
    Saturday 24th February 2024 10:00am
    University of Abertay Dundee
    What Can Improv Do For You?...
  • ScrapAntics: Community Steering Group  Image
    ScrapAntics: Community Steering Group
    Saturday 24th February 2024 2:00pm
    Wellgate Shopping Centre
    We are looking for local people to give their input on what we do, with activities and ongoing discussions of how to help us run in a way that best benefits our community....
  • Scrap Chat  Image
    Scrap Chat
    Saturday 24th February 2024 3:00pm
    Wellgate Shopping Centre
    Meet new people and practice speaking English in a welcoming and friendly space....
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