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Leisure & Culture Dundee is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation – an independent Scottish Charity, whose purpose is to “deliver for the citizens of Dundee, and those who visit the City, high quality leisure, sport and cultural learning experiences which improve their quality of life”.

Leisure & Culture Dundee is committed to attaining and maintaining the highest possible standards across all of its services and to work with a continuous focus on service improvement.


Volunteering to give your time to benefit others and the environment is a rewarding experience, is highly valued as an act of citizenship and is accessible to all. Leisure & Culture Dundee highly regards and values the contribution volunteers can make.

Working alongside staff, volunteers can:

  • contribute time, enthusiasm, skills, knowledge and expertise
  • give an independent outlook and a fresh perspective of services, design and delivery
  • develop or enhance skills and experience in a variety of rewarding
  • bring added value by enhancing the quality and variety of service

Within Leisure & Culture Dundee volunteers are welcome in all service areas which include:

  • Cultural Services
  • Library and Information Services
  • Leisure and Sport

If you can spare a few hours and would be interested in volunteering for Leisure & Culture Dundee please see the Volunteering Opportunities contained in this pack.

PVG Scheme Volunteering

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme), which delivers on the provisions outlined in the PVG Scotland Act 2007, is a new membership scheme for individuals who work with children and/or protected adults. It replaces enhanced disclosures and is designed to:

  • help to ensure that those who have regular contact with children and protected adults through paid and unpaid work, do not have a known history of harmful behaviour.
  • be quick and easy to use, reducing the need for PVG Scheme members to complete a detailed application form every time a disclosure check is required.
  • strike a balance between proportionate protection and robust regulation, and make it easier for employers to determine who they should check to protect their client group.

Regulated Work: Definition

The PVG Act defines regulated work by reference to: the activities that a person does; the establishments in which a person works; the position that they hold; or the people for whom they have day-to-day supervision or management responsibility.

There are two types of regulated work:

  • Regulated work with children
  • Regulated work with adults

Protected Adult: Definition

A protected adult is defined as an individual aged 16 or over who is provided with (and thus receives) a type of care, support or welfare service. Protected adult is therefore a service-based definition and avoids labelling adults on the basis of their having a specific condition or disability.

Child: Definition

A child is defined as an individual under the age of 18 years

Scheme Membership

Potential volunteers must apply for one or both Schemes, depending on the type of regulated ‘work’ (working with children and/or protected adults). If a person is a Scheme member for working with children, then he/she will not be allowed to work with protected adults unless he/she has a Scheme membership for this group also. Membership is for the length of time the person is engaged in the regulated work, and each member will have a unique disclosure record number. The individual and the organisation will be advised by letter if that individual is barred (ie refused membership of the Scheme). It is a criminal offence to employ someone in regulated work where that person is barred.


Museum Registrar
Lili Bartholomew
The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum
 Email: lili.bartholomew@leisureandculturedundee.com
 Tel: 01382 307212
 WiFi Available

Cultural Services Volunteering

Cultural Services is responsible for the operation, management, development and promotion of a number of facilities and services throughout the City, including:

  • Broughty Castle Museum
  • Caird Hall
  • McManus Collections Unit
  • The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum
  • Mills Observatory
  • The Old Steeple

Volunteers can take part in a broad range of project-based opportunities.

Volunteers play an important role in working alongside staff to ensure that the cultural, musical and scientific heritage of Dundee is cared for and shared with the people of Dundee and those who visit the City.

Projects available include cataloguing and repacking objects in the museum collection, or helping to provide access and engagement opportunities.

The skills, experience and knowledge required vary depending on the specific project.


Alex Knight
Club & Coach Development Officer
 Email: alex.knight@leisureandculturedundee.com
 Tel: 01382 436960

Leisure & Sport Volunteering

Volunteering is an ideal way to get involved in sport & physical activity, develop new skills and gain new qualifications. It can be a rewarding activity which helps you meet new people and take on new challenges through roles such as coaching, administration and facility operation.

Leisure & Sport is responsible for the following facilities:

  • Olympia
  • Dundee International Sports Complex (DISC)
  • Douglas Sports Centre
  • Lochee Swim & Sports Centre
  • Grove & St Paul’s Swim & Sports Centres
  • Camperdown Golf Course
  • Camperdown Wildlife Centre
  • McTaggart Regional Gymnastics Centre
  • Dundee Ice Arena

With this range of facilities, plus activities taking place in community and education facilities across the City, the following types of volunteering opportunities are available:

  • Sports coaching roles in sports including football, athletics, gymnastics, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, aquatics, fitness, physical literacy, early years activity programmes and dance
  • Sports programme administration
  • Club development projects
  • Event organisation
  • Facility operation
  • Customer Services

Volunteers will be given the chance to attend additional development opportunities free of charge, including coach education and customer service courses. These qualifications may lead to employment opportunities within the leisure industry.

Leisure & Sport has a number of examples of individuals who started as volunteers and progressed to paid coaching positions or professional officer posts.


Meg Marr
Volunteer Coordinator
 Email: meg.marr@leisureandculturedundee.com
 Tel: 01382 431575

Library and Information Services Volunteering

Library and Information Services provide access to high quality resources for reading and learning in a relaxed, informal andsupportive environment, through a network of 14 libraries across the City.

Opportunities for volunteers lie in the following areas:


Encouraging members of the public in the use of PCs and the Internet by providing assistance or training on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups.

Help and supervise with the safe set-up and running of various war-games and board games for Games Clubs held in libraries.

Local History

Assist in the development and promotion of local history activities.

Group Work

Help and supervise with the safe set-up and running of various interest based groups  held in libraries.


Provide information, emotional support and service referrals for people affected by cancer.


Help at library events.

Application Form

Complete a Volunteer application form.

Providing this information helps us to match you to the volunteering opportunity which is the best fit for your interests, skills and experience.

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