Dundee North West

Dundee North West Community Sports Club

Dundee North West Community Sports Club (SCO43273) was formed in 2009 and gained legal status when it became a SCIO in July 2012.

The Community Club consists of 4 local sports club; Dundee West Community Trust, Tayside Fire Brigade AFC, Stobswell Rugby Club and Dundee Madsons Basketball Club.

Dundee West, Stobswell Rugby Club and Tayside Fire Brigade AFC originally came together to form the hub through their shared use of Charlotte Street pavilion and adjacent playing fields.

Since taking on a long-term lease of the pavilion at Charlotte Street in November 2012 the pavilion has been redeveloped with all 7 changing rooms decorated and re-floored, the showers, WC’s and sinks replaced. This was achieved through funding from the Criminal Justice Fund & Sportscotland.

Upstairs in the pavilion was also refurbished and has turned what was an old office type facility into a meeting room, activity room, lounge area and kitchen as well as a couple of storage areas. This was mainly achieved by the Community Club receiving donations in kind from local firms within the community. A local joinery firm donated a kitchen and a painting & decorating firm decorated the upstairs of the pavilion and supplied decorating material.

The Community Sports Club were previously successful in gaining changing containers through the Scottish Football Partnership. These were installed to the side of the pavilion while further to this the Community Club received funding from Dundee Partnership which allowed them to fence and mono-block the area around these containers. In addition, Dundee Partnership funding has been used to fit extra lighting to the front of the pavilion benefiting teams in the winter and ensuring safer access to the pavilion.

In 2018, the hub continued their development by welcoming Dundee Madsons Basketball Club as hub members. In addition, Dundee North West Community Sports Club run the sports facilities at Baldragon Academy in the evening and at weekends. This enables the hub to provide its members with quality indoor and outdoor facilities all year round. As a result, there is a full participation pathway from children to adults available in football and basketball at Baldragon. The hub provides opportunities to play both for recreation and competitively.

In recent years, member clubs Dundee West and Madsons Basketball Club have both successfully gained Direct Club Investment from Sportscotland. This has enabled both clubs to employee staff who have developed strong relationships with schools in the Strathmartine Ward and therefore increase opportunities for participation in football and basketball.

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