About Us

What is a Community Sport Hub?

Community Sport Hubs are a Sportscotland 2014 Commonwealth Games Legacy initiative which is aimed at supporting clubs and local communities to increase sporting opportunities. The aim of a Community Sport Hub is to bring together sports clubs and partners with an interest in sport in a community to share knowledge, expertise, skills and resources to work together and become stronger. Community Sport Hubs can be based in local facilities including pavilions, schools and sports centres and provide a home for local sports organisations.

Each Community Sport Hub is unique which reflects the community where it is based but all hubs work to five common principles:

  • Growing Participation
  • Understanding Community Need
  • Supporting Community Leadership
  • Offering A Range Of Sports
  • Ensuring All The Right People Work Together

What is the benefit of being part of a Community Sport Hub?

  • Improved network and links with other clubs and key partners.
  • Increased number of people participating and volunteering in sport through being part of a local sporting network.
  • Sharing of good practice, ideas, knowledge and resources to improve sport across the community.
  • A unified voice in the planning and development of local sport.
  • Increased profile of local sporting opportunities.
  • Links to key sport professionals from Leisure and Culture Dundee, Sportscotland, National Governing Bodies and other key organisations to support your club development.
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