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Essa Flett: The Selkie's Wife
Essa Flett: The Selkie
Join Elisabeth Flett as she gives the audience a decidedly sapphic retelling of the Selkie tale - that is, she'll try to, if her own story would only stop getting in the way. A tour de force of Flett's award-winning career as a folk musician, folklorist, writer and theatre-maker, The Selkie's Wife is a show full of live music, academic fun facts, storytelling, foley art - and maybe some queer revenge...

Suitable for 14 years plus.

**Content Warnings: descriptions of institutional homophobia, sexism, non- consensual marriage, chronic illness and one use of strong violence (no depictions of the above are shown in the show), one use of strong language.

Admission £5. Tea/coffee available for a small donation.

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