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International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition 17
Verdant Works  |  Museum admission.
International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition 17 Image
Dundee Heritage Trust are thrilled to be hosting the latest showcase of International Garden Photographer of the Year at Verdant Works Museum. Exhibition 17 comes following the success of the Trust hosting Exhibition 16 in Summer 2023 - the first time the exhibition had been shown in Dundee.

Exhibition 17 features a host of beautiful images of flora, fauna, wildlife and landscapes, with an abstract depiction of the elegance of birds chosen as the overall winner. A selection of the awarded photographs will be shown in the atmospheric High Mill of Verdant Works, alongside a special photographic celebration of Dundee’s nature and unique heritage.

The 'Dundee’s Nature and Heritage' special photography competition was created by International Garden Photographer of the Year in partnership with Dundee Heritage Trust. With entries open from Autumn 2023-February 2024, photographers of all abilities and backgrounds in the city of Discovery were encouraged to portray their favourite nature and heritage within the city; whether one of Dundee's historic parks; a detail of greenery amongst heritage; or a meaningful scene. The competition received dozens of entries from across the city, with the judging panel currently selecting the photographs to be displayed in this prestigious exhibition hosted in one of the city's most scenic historic spaces.

To celebrate the exhibition, we’re excited to welcome an array of speakers, artists and more for a programme of events throughout the summer.

Image Credit:Annie Green-Armytage / IGPOTY.

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