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Local History Month - Author Billy Kay
Coldside Community Library  |  Free.  Booking Required
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Billy Kay is well known in the realm of Scottish culture for his radio and TV documentaries for the BBC and for books like Scots The Mither Tongue, Odyssey, Knee Deep in Claret and The Scottish World, but his latest work very much takes him back to his roots.

Join Writer and Broadcaster Billy Kay to celebrate the Dundee launch of his new book, Born in Kyle - A Love letter tae an Ayrshire Childhood. Billy will talk about the culture, history, folklore and literature of his home in the Irvine Valley and read passages in a powerful Scots that is shot through with a sense of belonging...and a sense of humour!

Jyne weel kennt scriever, braidcaster an Ayrshire boay Billy Kay for the Dundee launch o his book whaur he describes the wey o life in the Irvine Valley when he wis a wean growin up there in the 1950s an 1960s. In a steirin mell o memoir an creative scrievin he gies fowk a sense o belangin tae a ticht former minin community and echoes the Scots makars fae aw the airts that gaed there afore him, fae John Barbour tae Robert Burns.

Copies of Billy's books Born in Kyle, Scots: The Mither Tongue and The Scottish World will be available for sale after the event. Cash sales only.

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Booking Required
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