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Kevin Bloody Wilson and Special Guests
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In a world almost drowning in a tsunami of Political Correctness, Kevin Bloody Wilson stands out as a beacon for PC Pushback. Considered by Billy Connolly as 'The Worlds Funniest Australian', Kevin Bloody Wilson is as dry and as rough as his Outback heritage.

His latest stage performance F.U.P.C. spotlights Political Correctness for what it is and how he sees it...a joke!

Kev's 20 Albums of self penned Bawdy Ballads have generated millions of sales and his global legion of fans have elevated KBW to Rock Star Status.

Audiences will revel in a knee-slapping, outrageously funny night of our Kev's common sense take on Political Correctness.

Social Justice Warriors, Snowflakes and PC Advocates are invited to stay home...The rest of us are gonna have a ball!


£38.50 (£35.00 plus £3.50 Booking Fee)

Age Restriction 18 years plus.
Max 6 Tickets Per Customer.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
Promoted By: Live Nation
Sunday 10th November 2024 7:30pm
Dundee City Box Office
16, City Square

01382 434940
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