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Northern Live - Do I Love You
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Northern Live - Do I Love You Keeping the Faith to the original sounds of the underground movement that started on the dance floors in the North and eventually swept the Nation including an 11-piece band with 4 lead vocalists performing over 30 original hits, expect to hear: Dobie Gray-Out On The Floor, R Dean Taylor-There's A Ghost In My House, Frank Wilson-Do I love You-Indeed I Do, Gloria Jones-Tainted Love, Al Wilson-The Snake, Yvonne Baker-You Didn't Say A Word, Jimmy Radcliffe-Long After Tonight Is Over, Garnet Mimms-Looking For You, Dean Parrish-I'm On My Way and many, many more.

£26.50 (£24.50 %2B £2.00 Booking Fee)
Dundee City Box Office: tel 01382 434940
Telephone transaction fee £1.50
Online transaction fee £2.50.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
Promoted By: Mark Ellis
Wednesday 29th November 2023 7:30pm
Dundee City Box Office
16, City Square

01382 434940
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