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Drawn Threads
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This exhibition is the result of an open call for Scottish textile artists to exhibit pictures and wall hangings. The 10 artists selected come from variety of backgrounds and different parts of Scotland. They are all dedicated to the use of textiles in their artwork, sometimes on its own, sometimes with embroidery, sometimes with paint and other media. The resulting exhibition shows the beauty and versatility of this medium.

The Drawn Threads artists are: Rachel Drake, Andrea MacMillan, Mo McKiddie, Teresa J Majorek , Sheila Mortlock, Jan Reid, Alister Rutherford, Judith Shaylor, Kit Strathairn, Astrid Weigel.

Gallery artists exhibiting new work are: Helen Welsh, Liz Murray RSW, Stuart Moir, Heather Soutar, Deborah Phillips, Libby Scott and Dawson Murray RSW ARE RGI.

Opening hours Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-4.30pm.

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