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Do you remember when we used to go camping? And when you helped me make an ATM out of cardboard for my school project? Do you remember when you bought a big plane from town and showed me how to build it? Do you realise what a big impact you have had on who I am?

Old Boy is a show about the bond between grandfathers and grandsons. It features the real relationships of men and boys in an attempt to explore the love that is shared between men in families and the legacy passed down through generations.

The show takes the form of three distinct duets:
An infant and his grandfather
A boy and his grandfather
A man and his grandfather

Old Boy is a special kind of show in that every time it visits a new place it is remade with a whole new cast of men and boys that are from that area. This version will be made in Dundee with the stories and experiences of families that are from here.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
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