Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

The Learn to Swim programme, part of the National Framework for Swimming in Scotland, aims to raise standards and achieve consistency in Leisure and Culture Dundee's Learn to Swim programmes.  Working closely with our partners, Scottish Swimming we provide an inclusive an progressive pathway for all ages and abiltiies.

Scottish Swimming have secured sponsorship from Scottish Water, Proud to Support the Learn to Swim programme enabling Scottish Swimming to develop the programme across Scotland over the next few years and roll it out to help 100,000 children to develop the skills they need to be safe, competent and confident swimmers.

Scottish Swimming have a brand new site specific to learn to swim, with advice for parents and water games for children, and you can sign up for regular updates too! Visit here: https://learntoswim.scot/

For parents, encouraging your child to learn to swim is one of the most important skills you will teach them. If you get children interested in swimming when they’re young there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy the water for the rest of their life, and remain fit and healthy.

Due to high demand for learn to swim, Leisure and Culture operate waiting lists which are opened periodicaly as spaces become available.  Please find details on what waiting lists are currently open ...


Waiting Lists


School Age

Our school age waiting list for those aged 5 and over is closed at this moment in time. Please keep an eye out here or over on the Olympia facebook page for any updates.

Young Adults

Waiting lists are open for our Young Adult Beginner (age 10+) & Rookie Lifeguard Bronze classes. To add your childs name to our waiting list for either of these classes at St Pauls or Grove please email aquaticactivities@leisureandculturedundee.com with the participants name, date of birth, address and a contact number.

Please note to join the Rookie Lifeguard sessions participants must be able to swim 25 meters and be confident in deep water, we can offer a swim test or taster session where unsure.

Early Years

Please note we are not currently running an early years programme (ages 0-4), we will have an update on this at the time the Olympia reopens.


Our Adult Beginner waiting list is now open for classes at St Pauls and Grove Swim & Sport Centres. To submit your details for our waiting list please contact aquaticactivities@leisureandculturedundee.com with your name, date of birth, address and a contact number. Further information on the classes can be found in the list below


Swimming lessons are included within the Junior and Full Fit Leisureactive memberships. Other Leisueactive, Golf Dundee and Active Lifestyle members also receive a discount on swimming lessons.




Early Years Learn to Swim Programme

Adult & Baby 6-12 months

Aim: To introduce the adult and baby to a swimming environment and develop the confidence and skills of the adult to ensure the safe and effective handling of the baby in the water.

Adult & Toddler 12 – 24 months

Aim: To encourage independent movement and develop the water confidence and core aquatic skills of the toddler through structured play.

Adult & Child 24 -36 months

Aim: To further develop the core aquatic skills through structured play and develop the independence necessary for the next level.

Developing Water Confidence and Core Aquatic Skills Pre-school

Pre-School Learn to Swim Programme 3 years to school age

Aim: To become water confident and develop core aquatic skills (without adult assistance but with buoyancy aids as required).

School Age Learn to Swim Programme

Aim: This programme is designed to enable teachers to plan, deliver and assess progressive programmes that produce swimmers that, depending on their ambitions, are either 'club ready' or 'ready for lifelong swimming'.

Our programme has developed to accommodate older children (10 Years & over) who haven't yet learned to swim. Our inclusive programme is suited to children with additional support needs who can cope within a group setting.

Developing Water Confidence and Core Aquatic Skills Swim Skills 1

Aim: To further develop water confidence and develop core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids.

Becoming a Safer Swimmer Swim Skills 2

Aim: To increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique.

Becoming a Safer Swimmer Swim Skills 3

Aim: Introduce more advanced stroke technique and achieve Triple S standard.

Becoming 'Club Ready' or 'Ready for Lifelong Swimming' Swim Skills 4

Aim: To improve the quality of stroke technique, introduce multi aquatic skills/disciplines and basic lifesaving skills.

Becoming 'Club Ready' or 'Ready for Lifelong Swimming' Club Ready Swim

Aim: To improve and maintain stroke technique over distance and develop basic training and race skills producing a swimmer who is 'Club Ready'.

Adults Programme Learn to Swim programme

Aim: This programme is designed to help teachers formulate an all-inclusive pathway, providing opportunities for all adults to participate in swimming from beginners to Masters. It follows the same template as the Learn to Swim framework.

Developing Water Confidence and Core Aquatic Skills Adult Beginner

This stage is primarily focussed on water confidence, relaxation, streamlining and an introduction to core aquatic skills, including aquatic breathing.

Aim: To become water confident and develop core aquatic skills (without assistance but with buoyancy aids as required).

Developing a Confident Swimmer Adult Improver

Aim: To improve the quality of stroke technique.

This is a broad stage which will continue to build water confidence and will develop stroke technique and bi-lateral breathing.

Aim: To further develop core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids and develop basic stroke technique.

Adult Skills and Drills 1 & 2

Aim: To introduce more advanced stroke technique.

This stage will develop lane etiquette, learning to use equipment such as kickboards/pull buoys/fins, efficient stroke technique (four strokes optional) along with use of the clock. These stages will also introduce basic training programmes to develop fitness and stamina as well as continuing to improve technique.

Rookie Lifeguard

Aim:To inspire and embolden your child, helping them keep themselves, their friends and their family safe in the water through a range of fun activities that lead towards a series of awards.

Rookie Lifeguard is aimed at children – though the skills learned through the course of the programme are just as valuable to people of all ages. The scheme begins with Stage 1 of the Bronze Award and progresses to Stage 3 of the Gold Award, starting off at an ability level suitable for brand-new swimmers and progressing to the level where our Rookie Lifeguards perform impressive lifesaving tows.

Booking information

Contact the Aquatics Team for availability. Bookings are taken advance with payment option of 5 or 10 lessons are available.

Email aquaticactivities@leisureandculturedundee.com or call direct on 01382 432348




Standard Pricing

Standard Concession Juvenile
£5.70 £4.70 £4.70

Active Lifestyle Pricing

ALC Standard ALC Concession ALC Juvenile
£5.00 £4.00 £4.00
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