High Street, Dundee

High Street, Dundee - Ref: WC0263

This photograph concentrates on the north-eastern side of Dundee High Street, the gable end of the central building being familiar from other photographs of Houdini posters, etc.

No. 38 is Slidders, confectioner and pastrybaker according to the Dundee Directory, while No. 41 is H. G. Dixon and Son, ironmongers, and Dixon and Irvine, gas engine specialists.

Advertisements in the window of Mrs G. T. Ross's wine and spirits shop include Watson's Whisky and Strong's Dundee Whisky - the fire at Watson's Bond on 19th July 1906 burned an estimated two million gallons of whisky!

Alexander Wilson who took this photograph, was a supervisor in a Dundee jute mill for over 20 years. He bequeathed much of his collection and £50, to cover the costs involved, to the Free Library Committee of Dundee in 1923.

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