Dundee Harbour and Docks

Dundee Harbour and Docks - Ref: WC0968

This photograph shows The Victoria Docks at Dundee Harbour. Alexander Wilson, a local amateur who managed a jute calender, took this picture from the south western corner of the dock.

The Clock Tower warehouse to the left, was built in 1877 to and Italianate design by David Cunningham, the Harbour Engineer who was also responsible for the completion of the dock, which followed plans by Thomas Telford.

As with several photographs from this sequence, none of the ships have been identified, though they all have the appearance here of jute carriers. The masts seen in the distance (beyond the sheds) are in the Camperdown Docks, dating from 1857.

Alexander Wilson who took this photograph, was a supervisor in a Dundee jute mill for over 20 years. He bequeathed much of his collection and £50, to cover the costs involved, to the Free Library Committee of Dundee in 1923.

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