Arthur in Dundee Docks

"Arthur" in Dundee Docks - Ref: WC0771

Although listed as the "Arthur" in Alexander Wilson's own catalogue, no vessel of that name has been traced in connection with Dundee. A ship called the "Arthurstone", a three-masted iron barque, was built at Dundee by Gourlay in 1876.

It seems likely (since the plans held at Dundee City Archives match) that the photograph shows the "Arthurstone", which was owned by D. Bruce and Co., and remained on the registry until 1896, when she was sold to an Italian company.

She had a gross tonnage of 1219 and was 230.6 feet long. One of the striking features of the ship is the female figurehead, but the name of the ship cannot quite be distinguished, even at large magnifications.

Alexander Wilson who took this photograph, was a supervisor in a Dundee jute mill for over 20 years. He bequeathed much of his collection and £50, to cover the costs involved, to the Free Library Committee of Dundee in 1923.

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