Good Boost Move brings therapeutic exercise to Olympia

Good Boost Move brings therapeutic exercise to Olympia

Leisure & Culture Dundee has recently invested in an app-driven water-based programme designed specifically for people with limited mobility who live with a range of musculoskeletal conditions and associated health concerns conditions including joint, bone and muscle conditions such as arthritis. We are delighted to be only the 3rd location in Scotland to offer the Good Boost Move programme.

Built by clinical experts, the technology utilises robust, waterproof tablets with NHS backed artificial intelligence (AI) to give participants a personalised aqua workout that is specifically designed to help reduce pain, improve range of movement and rebuild fitness with the added benefit of the water to support joints and ensure a low-impact workout. Each tailored workout comprises gentle exercise in a fun and social environment.

Launched as a social enterprise in 2018, Good Boost’s mission is to create more accessible and affordable options for people living with joint conditions and wider long-term health conditions, providing options that combine practical and emotional support for effective self-management. They look to help people love looking after their health & wellbeing by moving more, having fun and feeling better.

As part of Leisure & Culture Dundee’s commitment to offer affordable access to health and fitness provision for all ages stages of life - every penny we make is reinvested back into services like Good Boost which continue to provide vital activities to the community.

Chris Baily, Leisure & Culture Dundee’s Health and Fitness Manager said

“Good Boost Move has been a fantastic addition to our offering. The programme allows us to transform our activity pool into a therapeutic space for a demographic who largely face barriers to physical activity engagement. Although still very new, all of the participants seem to really enjoy the programme and are getting a lot from the workout. One participant citing how amazing it was that she could do so much in the water yet struggled with walking when getting out of the pool and would never manage a similar activity on land.” 

Good Boost moves is just the latest offering in a host of aquatic activities that have launched since Olympia reopened in December 2023. It joins Aqua Zumba, Power Swim, Social Swim, Water Play and the relaunch of the Learn to Swim programme for all ages on the timetable alongside over 90 hours of lane swimming every week. The organisation is also looking forward to developing the Good Boost programme further in the coming months with the addition of a more fitness focused option in the pipeline.

Good Boost Move is offered free as part of a Leisureactive memberships with prices starting from £15 a month. Pay-as-you-go options are available too. To find out more about the programme, prices, inductions and bookings please visit If you think you may benefit from Good Boost move but are unsure of your suitability or have any other queries please contact

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