Fair Booking Policy

Fair Booking Policy


Booking process

1. It’s highly recommended that you book in advance to secure your space in group x classes and activities ie Intro to Pickleball.

2. Please only book an activity if you are confident you can attend.

3. Class bookings can be made through the Leisureactive app or CONNECT from 9pm: 8 days in advance for members, 5 days in advance for Active Lifestyle card holders, 3 days in advance for pay-as-you-go members. Bookings can also be made in person at centre receptions during opening hours.

4. Bookings must be made and attended by the person using the account and are non-transferable.

5. Bookings for junior members under 12 years of age should be made by an adult. Any adult linked to a child’s membership may make the booking.

6. Junior & Teen members can only be booked into classes and activities that are appropriate for their age

Attending your booking

7. You must swipe in at reception when arriving for your class or activity to record your attendance. Where staff are not available at reception on arrival, please make sure you swipe in on the way out instead. If you are unable to register your attendance for any reason please contact the membership team on leisureactive@leisureandculturedundee.com to let us know.

8. Our admittance period is 2 hours so you should be automatically marked in for any booked classes or activities during this time period per visit, however, if you have booked back-to-back classes or activities please still tell reception staff when you are swiping in so you can be correctly marked in for all sessions for your visit.

9. Please arrive promptly for class & activity start times. Late arrival may result in being refused entry to the class. If you do not arrive in time your space may be given to a non-booked attendee

10. For classes that require equipment set-up please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start to allow to you get out everything you need and the class to start on time.


11. Members who wish to cancel a booking are required to do so at least 2 hours prior to the start time. This allows others to take advantage of the space and ensures class numbers are maximised; we know you’d like others to do the same for you.

12. We understand that situations beyond a member’s control do occasionally occur. In this instance please cancel your booking online or via the app if possible. Members with extenuating circumstances impacting their ability to attend within the 2-hour time period should contact the facility directly.

13. ‘No-shows’ – where a member books but does not attend and does not cancel in advance - are recorded and monitored. This behaviour affects the ability of others to book and enjoy our classes.

14. Members who repeatedly ‘no-show’ may be contacted and face repercussions including loss of advanced booking rights, removal from booked classes or activities and eventual suspension of their account possible if the pattern of booking and not attending continues.

15. We consider 3 or more ‘no-‘shows’ per calendar month to be unacceptable, and will result in contact being made.


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