Gymnastics & Trampoline: Clubs

 Contact Details

Laura Donaldson
Sports Officer
 Tel: 01382 436971


As gymnastics and Trampolining continue to grow in Dundee so do the clubs and with our new facility McTaggart Centre open in Dundee it is a very exciting time for clubs.

There are 2 performance clubs and 4 Community Clubs in Dundee:

  • DGC2K (based at McTaggart Centre)
  • Salto GC (based at Braeview Academy)
  • Ardler Arabians (based at Ardler Complex)
  • Kirkton Kips (based at Kirkton Community Centre)
  • Dundee Discovery GC (based at McTaggart Centre)
  • Tiggers Trampoline Club (based at McTaggart Centre)

For information on getting in touch with these clubs you can contact the venues or Laura Donaldson.

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