Member Rewards

Member Rewards are available to every Leisureactive, Golf Dundee & Active Lifestyle Card member.

All you have to do is get your membership card/device swiped at reception* every time you take part in an activity**, save points and enjoy the rewards...It's easy as 1,2,Free!

Participating memberships

* Please note that the Olympia kiosk does not currently award points.
** Swimming lessons, hall and equipment hires are not included within the Member Rewards offer


Swipe your card every time you go to the gym, a fitness/activity class, go to the gym or play golf and a reward point will appear on your membership. You can view your total number of points on your printed receipt or by logging on to your membership account.


When you achieve member rewards points targets, you are ready to claim your rewards!


Once you have 25+ points you can start ‘spending’ them:

Bronze (25 points): Free visit to
Camperdown Wildlife Centre

Silver (50 points): Free ticket to a Dundee Stars match that season / A round of Golf at Camperdown (only until end of season).

Gold (75 points): Free round of golf Mon-Fri at Caird Park.

Platinum (100 points): Free £25 voucher for
Ancrum Outdoor Education Centre.

January 2020 Offer (200 points): 1 free month of membership—This is only available in January 2020 and can be redeemed by emailing the Membership Team with your name and card no:


Please contact the Membership Team if you have any problems logging onto your account or if you have any questions or queries regarding your membership; Email: or Phone: 01382 432328.

To keep up-to-date with Member Rewards offers please log in to your membership account, click on 'My Account', 'Preferences', tick 'News & Offers' for your membership type and 'Save'.



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