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Measure for Measure
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'Judge not, that ye not be judged'

Two rulers: one benign, the other obstinate.

Shakespeare's Vienna is a place of extremes. Depravity and licentiousness co-exist with inflexible virtue.

A young nun is forced to choose between her brother's life and her chastity. Under the force of patriarchy, her choices are limited and she doesn't know where to turn.

Directed by Dundee Rep Ensemble's Irene Macdougall, this is a play which is all at once dark, comedic and entertaining. Measure for Measure is an exploration of the hypocrisy of power, the dispensation of justice, and the power of mercy.

Written in the early 1600s, Measure for Measure continues to be one of Shakespeare's most controversial plays, yet it remains astoundingly resonant today.

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Tuesday 21st April 2020 7:30pm
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