The Wellgate Project

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Submit Your Photographs, Memories, Stories, Documents, Videos & Recordings

  • Online
  • In Person
    • You can submit physical items such as photos and documents by dropping them off at the Main Reception, Central Library, The Wellgate, Dundee DD1 1DB.
    • You’ll be provided with a receipt for any physical materials you submit, and all items will be returned to you once they ’ve been documented.
    • You can also submit memories and stories by completing a Wellgate Project Memory Record. You can pick these up and hand them in at the reception desk of any Dundee public library.

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About Us

Project Lead

Erin Farley, Library & Information Officer,
Local History Centre, Dundee Central Library.
T: 01382 431 550

Project Partners


  • Looking North-west, Hendersons’ Sign and The Wellgate Steps collages by Adam Piggot.
  • Looking North-west features images BW153-07, DCC-BW046-17, DCC-BW122-06, DCC-SA1880, DCC-SA2566, DCC-SA2606 and GD/X1384 Dundee Changes 2 from Dundee City Archives, and images B13.605 and B13.675 from Dundee Libraries.
  • Hendersons’ Sign features images DCC-BW046-31, DCC-BW122-14 and DCC-BW122-15 from Dundee City Archives, and images B13.608 and B13.675 from Dundee Libraries.
  • The Wellgate Steps features images DCC-BW046-29 and 'Wellgate Steps (Dundee Police Commissioners, c.1880)’ from Dundee City Archives, and images B13.602, B13.675 and WC671 from Dundee Libraries.
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