Next generation of volunteers learn vital skills at Sports Leadership Academy

Next generation of volunteers learn vital skills at Sports Leadership Academy

The Dundee Active Schools Team and Leisure & Culture Dundee are developing the next generation of sports volunteers through their Sports Leadership Academy Programme. 120 young people from across eight secondary schools from across Dundee recently took part in a range of sports leadership courses.

The Sports Leadership Academy is dedicated to empowering the next generation of volunteers through comprehensive education and training programmes. In partnership with local schools and community sports clubs, the Academy aims to cultivate high-quality volunteer leadership at all levels.

The Dundee Active Schools team held its intensive two-week volunteer qualification programme, the Sports Leadership Academy, developed in collaboration with Active Schools and Dundee Angus College. The comprehensive initiative offered 15 diverse courses designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of young people, preparing them for impactful volunteer roles.

The programme supports S3-S6 secondary school pupils, college and university students. This diverse mix ensures a rich learning environment where participants can share experiences and insights, fostering a community of well-rounded and knowledgeable volunteers.

Participants benefited from expert instruction across a range of sports and activities, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute to their respective schools and clubs. The curriculum covers essential topics in volunteering, providing a solid foundation for those looking to make a difference in their communities through volunteering.

James Fenna, Dundee Active Schools Manager said

“Our goal is to equip aspiring volunteers with the skills they need to inspire and lead future generations in sports and other community activities. Upon completion of the Sports Leadership Academy, all participants are encouraged to complete 10 hours of volunteering with Active Schools or in the local community. This volunteer work enhances the skills and knowledge gained from the courses, giving young people real-life experiences of making a positive impact through volunteering”.

Alison MacKenzie, Community Sport Hub Officer, at Leisure & Culture Dundee said

“Volunteers are crucial to the running of sporting opportunities in communities across Dundee. It is important that young people are given opportunities through the Sports Leadership Academy to gain appropriate knowledge and skills to make a difference in local communities as a volunteer”.

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