Leisure & Culture Dundee Announces Introduction Of A Community Membership

Leisure & Culture Dundee Announces Introduction Of A Community Membership

A new affordable community membership, giving multi-site access to Grove, Harris & St. Paul’s Swim & Sports Centres has been launched by Leisure & Culture Dundee’s Leisureactive team. Community Fit has been designed for everyone from students and staff to the wider Dundee community.

The new membership is just £10 a month for juniors & teens and £15 a month for adults and gives inclusive access to gym, swim, fitness classes and more.

John McCafferty, Interim Head of Development at Leisure & Culture Dundee said,

"At Leisureactive we want to make memberships as accessible and value driven as possible so more people can improve their health and happiness by getting more active. Through various partnerships and customer engagement, we will continue to co-design and develop activities available in Leisure and Culture Dundee facilities to ensure that our services meet the needs of all service users and continue to provide excellent value for money. We’re really excited to be launching the Community Fit membership, as it is just that. Affordable fitness on your doorstep and open to everyone!"

John added,

“Choosing a Leisureactive membership means choosing a healthier lifestyle. It gives inclusive access to Leisure and Culture Dundee gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes, plus a wide range of additional activities for the whole family that no other fitness provider in Dundee can offer, including discounts at other Leisure and Culture Dundee venues.”

“Money generated from Leisureactive memberships is reinvested back into services through improving access to physical activity opportunities in local communities. Our specialist Health & Wellbeing team engage with individuals and groups in the community, and not just within the four walls of their leisure facilities, to deliver a wide range of supported programmes that improve the physical and mental wellbeing of service users...”

“By taking out a Leisureactive membership with us you are making positive changes in your own life and also helping us to help others in your communities and across Dundee."

COMMUNITYFIT is Leisureactive’s lowest priced membership yet and is a rolling monthly Direct Debit with no contract. Some restrictions apply to the COMMUNITYFIT membership due to the nature of the school facilities. Session & operating times as well as joining information can be found at www.leisureandculturedundee.com/leisure/leisureactive/community-fit Memberships can also be taken out in centre.

Leisureactive is the fitness membership offering from Leisure & Culture Dundee, a not-for-profit independent Scottish Charity responsible for delivering leisure, sports, library, information and cultural services in Dundee.

To find out more, visit Community Fit | Leisure and Culture Dundee

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