Launch of Dundee Sports Stars Programme

Launch of Dundee Sports Stars Programme

Leisure & Culture Dundee has launched the 'Dundee Sports Stars Programme', which aims to support pupils within national sports squads and encourage them to act as positive role models within their school to promote sporting opportunities within the school or the local community.

This programme is part of a broader effort to support performance athletes in Dundee and across Tayside & Fife. Over recent months, Leisure & Culture Dundee has expanded the existing Dundee Athlete Performance Programme, which offers strength & conditioning and athlete education opportunities to national athletes;
launched the National Athlete Access Programme that offers free or supported access to fitness suites, swimming pools and sport specific facilities to national athletes from the city; and launched the RPC Developing Athlete Programme which offers strength & conditioning sessions to all athletes.

This work is linked to the investment from the Tayside & Fife Sporting Partnership into the Tayside & Fife Performance Coordinator role, which aims to improve the support to performance athletes across the region. Any pupils signing up for the Dundee Sports Stars programme will have the opportunity to benefit from some of the existing support programmes and get support from the Active Schools Team to promote their sport and club within their school.

Judy Dobbie, Managing Director of Leisure & Culture Dundee, said


"We are very keen to support young performance athletes in the city. The Dundee Sports Stars programme will increase the number of national athletes benefitting from the support available and help promote fantastic sporting opportunities within our schools and local communities."


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