Dundee Youth Fund 2024

Dundee Youth Fund 2024


Soundbase Music Workshops for 12-18 year olds at Caird Hall.

We are applying for equipment and experiences. Soundbase has a number of instruments, most over 20 years old and some given to us by The Shore. We are in need of upgrading our drumkits so we can have enough sets for all who attend, a new keyboard/guitar and amps. One of the key things the young people ask in all evaluation and discussions is better equipment.

Voting will be open between Monday 8th January 2024 and remain open for three weeks until Friday 26th January at 5pm.

Young people can vote using their Young Scot NEC number which appears directly under their name on the card. It is a 16 digit number, under their name and ABOVE the pink strip which shows their DOB on their card.


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