Dundee-Würzburg: 1993-2023 An Exhibition Journey

Dundee-Würzburg: 1993-2023 An Exhibition Journey

Dundee Central Library
Tue 21 May until Sat Jun 1 2024

For 30 years Dundee Würzburg Twinning Association (DWTA) has organised trips to Dundee's Twin City of Würzburg and welcomed visitors to Dundee. This exhibition displays artefacts, photographs and key documents to transport you on a tour of our beautiful twin city.

Lord Provost Bill Campbell opened the exhibition and played tribute to the role played by the Association in promoting and foster friendship and understanding and encouraging twinning projects between the people of Dundee and those of Würzburg. DWTA was founded in 1993 by Lord Provost Tom McDonald. It has organised visits to Würzburg, hosted visiting groups from Würzburg and acted as guides to visitors to Dundee. He was joined online by Oberbürgermeister Christian Schuchardt from Würzburg and from Edinburgh, the German Consul General Christiane Hullmann.

Oberbürgermeister Christian Schuchardt joined online from Würzburg and praised the work done by DWTA for encouraging visits by individuals and groups to and from Dundee and Würzburg, particularly the development of personal contacts with people in all age groups and by doing so broadening mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities of the linked towns.

He added: “DWTA have organised fund raising activities to foster links with Würzburg and to host visitors and are currently involved in twinning projects with local schools. We are delighted DWTA assisted 47 young Dundee musicians to take part in last year's Würzburg Stramu - the largest street festival in Europe. Another beautiful piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the city partnership. We also had a visit from Grey Lodge Settlement in April and Grove Academy will visit in June. The highlight, of course is that so many Scots are coming to Würzburg for the Euros."

Co-chairs George Laidlaw and Ged Ryan highlighted the close ties between Dundee and Scotland and how important town twinning is for mutual understanding. Created after the Second World War as an act of international understanding and the opportunity for human encounters, they became the basis for a united Europe.

“Today we need Europe more than ever. In a world that has been turned upside down, only together can we preserve Europe and strengthen the human values that unite us. We need to foster friendships and understanding, develop partnerships, Dundee, values its partnership with Würzburg. We are 60 years strong and are stronger together. Visits by DWTA strengthen understanding between nations. We also encourage visits by groups and individuals to broaden mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities of the linked towns."

29 DWTA members will make a seven day visit to Würzburg in June and July 2024 for the Würzburg Folk Festival (Kilianifest) and Euro '24.

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