Adaptable cycling sessions rolled out in Dundee

An NHS Tayside adapted cycling programme to make bikes more accessible for patients with learning disabilities is being expanded in Dundee.

The new cycling sessions, which are organised in partnership with Leisure & Culture Dundee, give people the opportunity to try wheelchair and other specially adapted bikes.

The programme is open to anyone who may be unable to access a standard cycle bike. The sessions are running from 21 August 2023 at the Change Centre (formerly the Lynch Centre) with six sessions taking place over two days. This partnership opens up the sessions to a wider group, including those with COPD, Parkinson's, stroke rehabilitation patients and people with physical disabilities.

The new sessions are based on adaptive cycling sessions previously led by NHS Tayside's Learning Disability Physiotherapy team. These sessions were arranged for patients with learning disabilities who benefited from being active outdoors as part of their physiotherapy.

A successful cycling taster session was recently held at the Change Centre, where six learning disability physiotherapy patients trialled wheelchair and other specialist bikes, and met the team leading the sessions.

Participant Arran who previously took part in the sessions with NHS Tayside's Learning Disability Physiotherapy team and the recent taster session parent said, "My son has withdrawn from most activities and this is his only form of exercise.

"He was really excited when we mentioned he was coming to the taster session and got even more excited when he approached the building."

Leisure & Culture Dundee project lead, Darren Thomson has been working alongside NHS Tayside's specialist Learning Disability physiotherapy team to gain experience and get to know the patients, carers and families. Darren said, "Leisure & Culture Dundee is delighted to be delivering this adaptive cycling programme.

"We will be looking to build on the previous programme success by NHS Tayside, whilst expanding it to include many more people who would benefit from this programme each week."

Learning Disability Physiotherapy team lead, Gillian McDonald said, "Having the option to expand these sessions will be a huge benefit to our patients to help them be regularly active on a year-round basis.

"At the taster session, it was great to have the patients back on the bikes enjoying themselves and good to see their parents and carers joining in too.

"Through the partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee, we are delighted to see the expansion of this programme to those riders who may not be able to access a standard cycle."

For information

These sessions will run from w/c 21 August 2023 with six sessions over two days and are open to any riders who may be unable to access a standard cycle bike. Contact Darren Thomson, Leisure and Culture Dundee for more information, please contact, or 01382 436963 or 07951380062

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