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  • The Last Tram Exhibition

    The Last Tram Exhibition

    In 1956 the Dundee Corporation’s Transport Department decided not to mark the event of its ‘Last Tram’ but to quietly introduce the omnibus.

    Perhaps it was this lack of occasion that prompted Dundonians to take part in an impromptu celebration marking the end of this era? This exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of Dundee’s Last Tram.

  • Streetwise Exhibition

    Streetwise Exhibition – What’s in a Name?

    Street names can provide one of the most important clues to the history of an area. Where did the names come from? What does this tell us about the past?

    Some names are fairly obvious, such a High Street but others are not – some do not even exist anymore!

  • Circa 1899

    Circa 1899

    See the whole picture – Circa 1899, a photographic exhibition of life in Dundee at the end of the 19th century.

    Buildings, People, Entertainment at the end of the Nineteenth Century.

  • Day Trippers

    Day Trippers

    The exhibition was centred round ‘Dundonians on Holiday’, and focused on places frequently visited by them for day trips around 100 years ago.

    It offers a unique opportunity to view black and white photographs of Kirriemuir, Arbroath, St. Andrews etc at the turn of the 20th century.

  • Dundee’s Howff

    Dundee’s Howff

    Grave Matters, Dundee’s Howff – a selection of images and materials taken from the archives of the Local History Centre.

    Established in 1564 on land granted to Dundee by Mary, Queen of Scots, The Howff burial ground is one of the most important collections of tombstones in Scotland.

  • Open Spaces

    Open Spaces

    This exhibition featured images of the city’s parks, cemeteries and well known open spaces.

    A selection of photographic images from Central Library’s Photographic Collection. Public Buildings, Housing, Castles, Parks, Graveyards, Transport, Entertainment, Sport, People. There’s something for everyone.

  • Houdini is Coming – Where?

    Houdini is Coming – Where?

    Celebrating 1998 – the Year of Photography and the Electronic Image. The theme surrounds unusual buildings and signage.

    The title of the exhibition ‘Houdini is Coming – Where’?, is taken from a billboard advertising Houdini's forthcoming visit to the King’s Theatre and Hippodrome in the city of Dundee.

  • William McGonagall

    William McGonagall

    He may have been born in Edinburgh, and he certainly died in Edinburgh, but Dundee is the city where William McGonagall’s art flourished.

    Dundee has a place in its heart for the world’s best bad poet, who entertained countless thousands with disjointed verse that didn’t scan.

  • Tay Bridge Disaster

    Tay Bridge Disaster

    An exhibition to mark the 125th Anniversary of the Tay Bridge Disaster.

    Extensive collection of articles from local newspapers at the time. Lists of articles found and brought to the Tay Bridge Station.

  • Voteless not Voiceless, Dundee and the Suffragettes

    Voteless not Voiceless, Dundee and the Suffragettes

    Marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the militant votes-for-women movement in October 1903.

    Lots of rare material on display in this exhibition. ‘Deeds, not words was to be our permanent motto’ – Emmeline Pankhurst

  • 150 Years of Scottish Libraries

    150 Years of Scottish Libraries

    Celebrating 150 years of Scottish Public Libraries.

    An exhibition of photographs and documents illustrating the development of Dundee's own community libraries over the years.

  • Dei Donum, 500 Years of Printing

    Dei Donum, 500 Years of Printing

    This photographic gallery celebrates 500 years of printing in Scotland and learning in Dundee.

    The exhibition featured priceless works such as the “Good and Godly Ballads” [1567?], Biblia Sacra (1476), and the illuminated Antiphon [c. 1550].

  • Longhaugh Racecourse, 500 Years of Printing

    Longhaugh Racecourse

    In 1924 an attempt was made to introduce horse racing on a regular basis in the Dundee area.

    This exhibition consists of extracts from contemporary newspaper reports and pictures.

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