Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines held in the Local History Library

Titles Copies Held
Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser 1803 to 1861
Dundee Advertiser 1861 to 1926
Dundee Courier and Argus 1843 to 1926
Dundee Courier and Advertiser 1926 until present day
Dundee Evening Telegraph 1900 until present day
Dundee Free Press 1926 to 1933
Indexed newscuttings collection 1928 until present day

Titles Copies Held
Dundee Magazine and Journal of the Times 1799 to1802
People's Journal, Dundee and regional editions 1868 to 1986
Piper O' Dundee 1886 to 1901
Wizard of the North 1879 to 1912
NCR Factory Post 1949 to 1972
Dundee's Own Christmas Annual 1931 to 1977
Caledon Welfare Magazine 1920 to 1924
Titles Frequency Copies Held
Cairt Twice Yearly Permanent
Genealogists' Magazine Quarterly Permanent
Retour Quarterly 2004 to date
Scottish Archives Yearly 1995 to date
Scottish Genealogist Quarterly 1954 to date
Scottish Local History Quarterly 1983 to date
Studies in Photography Yearly 1998 to date
Tay Valley Irregular 1981 to date
Tayside & Fife Archaeological Journal Yearly Permanent
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