Member Rewards - Redeem your Pass

Redeem your Pass


By filling in this form, you are agreeing to redeem 50 Member Reward Points for a 3-day Leisureactive pass. This pass is for Full Fit access and will run for 3 consecutive days from a date of your choosing.

This pass can be used by yourself or gifted to a friend. If you are a Golf Dundee or Active Lifestyle Card member who would like to try out Leisureactive for gym, swim and classes, or maybe you are a Gen-Fit or Off Peak member looking to try out Full Fit, please tick ‘It’s for me’ and we will email you your pass and all the info you need.

If you are redeeming the pass for a friend, please tick ‘It’s for someone else’ and we will send you a link you can forward on to them.

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