Move More Dundee

Move More Dundee

The Move More Dundee programme is an exercise referral programme designed to create accessible and affordable opportunities for people living with and beyond cancer.

More specifically, for people; about to go through treatment (prehab), during treatment (maintenance and relaxation) post treatment - remission (rehab) or terminal (mental wellbeing). The programme is located throughout all the areas of Dundee to help everyone living with Cancer in Dundee achieve a better quality of life by increasing their activity levels (even in a small way) and reducing their stress levels and lowering risk of depression by offering them social interaction with others going through the same experience.



The programme consists of four strands; 1. Circuit Class based activities, 2. Short introductory (cancer friendly) health walks 3. Gentle Movement Classes and 4. Gardening Classes. We hope to empower the people living with and beyond cancer over the course of the 12 sessions to have confidence in their own ability to be more active, facilitate an environment where they can meet others going through the same experiences. We are also able to add in more activities tailored to individuals based around the facilities and programmes we have access to through Leisure and Culture Dundee for people referred into the programme for prehabilitation (getting fit and mentally ready for treatment) purposes.


You can access the programme if you have presently, or have had in the past, a cancer diagnosis and are inactive. Or if you would like advice on how to become active with a cancer diagnosis. Contact your health professional and ask to be referred into the Move More programme. Alternatively, you can self-refer into the programme using one of our downloadable self-referral forms here – self-referral form.

Self-referral Form Medical Referral Form


The programme is free for 12 sessions of each strand. After completing the 12 sessions, participants have a conversation with the Cancer Rehabilitation instructor to progress them to our long term conditions programme 'active for life' which costs £1 per session for 3 months, then £3.20 per session or £15 per month from then on. We also offer them advice on what community projects are run in their own areas to minimise their sedentary time long term and maintain that social inclusion.

What Next?

Once you have been referred into the programme, a member of our team will contact you to arrange a consultation appointment with one of our CanRehab instructors. During this consultation, the instructor will advise on what type of activity will be most suitable for you.

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