Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards: Dundee

Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards: Dundee

In partnership with Creative Scotland #VACMAScotland #VACMADundee

Autumn Deadline: Tuesday 25 October 2022

Winter Deadline: Tuesday 7 February 2023

In partnership with Creative Scotland, the Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards: Dundee has been established to support Dundee-based visual artists and craft practitioners in their creative and professional development.

The awards are intended to encourage artists to live and work in Dundee and to ensure that the arts play a vital and lasting role in the city.

The Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards

In recognition of the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on individual artists and makers, the scheme will continue to provide fixed bursaries this year. This acknowledges the limitations placed on individual practices and the opportunities that are currently available.

  • Bursaries of £750
  • Early-career bursaries of £500 (for applicants that have less than 5 years' experience outside of education/training, graduated in 2016 or later, or that have not studied art formally but have been practising as an artist for up to 5 years).

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