Broughty Ferry Library Expansion

Broughty Ferry
Library Expansion

A transformational extension to create a new community space that meets the needs of the local community.

Championed by Northwood Trust


Project Background

There is currently a lack of community space in Broughty Ferry.

A review of facilities has demonstrated consistent demand from the community for the creation of a space that provides increased availability for community meetings, events and activities.

The review highlighted Broughty Ferry Library as the most appropriate and preferred location for a community facility.

Current access of facilities at Broughty Ferry Library is not sufficient to meet demand and the layout of the space limits the number of people who can be accommodated.

The Solution

A meeting and gathering space that can accommodate anything from two people at a welfare advice session, twenty at a craft workshop, sixty at an author event and two hundred people at a large community meeting in a safe, easily accessible central location.

The proposal also seeks to create an inclusive accessible approach which engages the extensive, but underused land surrounding the existing library. The architects approach has been to think how the new facility can flexibly address these changing requirements.

What Next?

The indicative cost of the project is £1,828,000 and we have secured £948,500 from Leisure and Culture Dundee alongside Dundee City Council and the remainder is being sought from fundraising including applications to external grant funders who share common objectives.

The cost of the project breaks down as follows:

£1,588,000 for the new extension and replacement of roof lights and installation of six new windows in the original 1920s building.

£240,000 estimated cost of soft landscaping for the entire grounds surrounding the library building.

£327,000 proposed additional essential works to the existing building to be funded by Dundee City Council as part of the Capital Plan, if approved. This includes upgrade to the existing electrical installation, replace flat roof covering and internal redecoration.

We need your help to make this exciting vision for people of Broughty Ferry a reality


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