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What’s On

  • Treasure Trove Finds Day Image
    Treasure Trove Finds Day
    Saturday 26th October 2019 11:00am
    Have you found an artefact while farming, gardening, metal detecting or field walking? Bring it along to Treasure Trove staff who will be delighted to discuss your finds and assist you in reporting...
  • Winkie’s Return Image
    Winkie’s Return
    Thursday 20th February 2020 1:00pm
    Following 2018's excellent talk by Guy Puzey we have invited Guy back to give his talk on our WWII heroine Winkie the pigeon alongside a special guest - Winkie herself! Hear how Winkie was...
  • Winter
    Winter's End
    Thursday 12th March 2020 1:00pm
    It is the end of the winter season and many of the animals that spent the winter in the Firth of Tay are now leaving for their summer homes. It is also the time when new life appears, as if from...