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The Future of Ageing
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The Future of Ageing explores how design is transforming the way society can support everyone to age with greater agency and joy.

Curated by Design Age Institute in collaboration with the Design Museum, discover how design can support an ageing population - and indeed our own future selves ' to meet their needs, interests and aspirations with greater agency and joy.

One thing we all have in common is that we are ageing, and many of us will live into old age. By 2040, more than a quarter of the UK's population will be aged over 60. We are moving towards a future in which the population of older adults will only continue to grow.

The Future of Ageing display celebrates how design can help us reimagine products, services and environments to enhance our experience of living in later life with a selection of prototypes, sketches and research from projects that are being developed by Design Age Institute and its partners.

Among them are 'The Centaur' - a self-balancing, two-wheeled personal electric vehicle for people with difficulties getting around, 'Gita' - a hands-free cargo-carrying robot, the 'Home Office to Age in Place' - created to integrate flexible living and working space for later life, and 'Hearing Birdsong' - a digital 'audioscape' app that uses the sound of birdsong to engage visitors with their hearing health.


Image Credit: Luke O'Donovan.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
Promoted By: Design Age Institute in collaboration with the Design Museum
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