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Drawn - An Exhibition of Drawings
Drawn - An Exhibition of Drawings  Image
Drawing is often seen as the fundamental basis of art, as well as being an important tool in other forms of creative thinking. This exhibition presents highlights chosen from the University's wide-ranging collection of around 2,000 drawings. It includes rarely seen work by many renowned artists including Thomas Gainsborough, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, James McIntosh Patrick, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, David Mach, Will Maclean, Annie Cattrell and many others. You'll see life drawings, landscapes, scientific diagrams, fashion illustration, comics art and much more!

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 9.30am-5pm (but closed Fri 22 Oct and Mon 20 Dec - Tues 4 Jan inclusive).

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
Promoted By: University of Dundee Museums
Wednesday 27th October 2021 9:30am
Thursday 28th October 2021 9:30am
Friday 29th October 2021 9:30am
Monday 1st November 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 2nd November 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 3rd November 2021 9:30am
Thursday 4th November 2021 9:30am
Friday 5th November 2021 9:30am
Monday 8th November 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 9th November 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 10th November 2021 9:30am
Thursday 11th November 2021 9:30am
Friday 12th November 2021 9:30am
Monday 15th November 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 16th November 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 17th November 2021 9:30am
Thursday 18th November 2021 9:30am
Friday 19th November 2021 9:30am
Monday 22nd November 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 23rd November 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 24th November 2021 9:30am
Thursday 25th November 2021 9:30am
Friday 26th November 2021 9:30am
Monday 29th November 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 30th November 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 1st December 2021 9:30am
Thursday 2nd December 2021 9:30am
Friday 3rd December 2021 9:30am
Monday 6th December 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 7th December 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 8th December 2021 9:30am
Thursday 9th December 2021 9:30am
Friday 10th December 2021 9:30am
Monday 13th December 2021 9:30am
Tuesday 14th December 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 15th December 2021 9:30am
Thursday 16th December 2021 9:30am
Wednesday 5th January 2022 9:30am
Thursday 6th January 2022 9:30am
Friday 7th January 2022 9:30am
Monday 10th January 2022 9:30am
Tuesday 11th January 2022 9:30am
Wednesday 12th January 2022 9:30am
Thursday 13th January 2022 9:30am
Friday 14th January 2022 9:30am
Monday 17th January 2022 9:30am
Tuesday 18th January 2022 9:30am
Wednesday 19th January 2022 9:30am
Thursday 20th January 2022 9:30am
Friday 21st January 2022 9:30am
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