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Chikako Yamashiro: Chinbin Western
Dundee Contemporary Arts  |  Free, but booking essential.  Booking Required
Chikako Yamashiro: Chinbin Western Image
This project marks Japanese artist Chikako Yamashiro's first exhibition in Scotland and is guest-curated at DCA by Kirsteen Macdonald.

Yamashiro's work spans performance, filmmaking and photography, often employing her own and other bodies as vehicles through which to carry stories from overlooked or unheard voices.

Much of Yamashiro's research considers the reality of living in the Pacific island of Okinawa, a Japanese prefecture comprising over one hundred islands in the East China Sea between Taiwan and Japan. These islands have remained central to both American and Japanese security interests following World War II. The entire region remained under U.S. administration until 1972, and American military bases still occupy much of the lands, skies and seas today. The geopolitical situation and history of this place, where the artist was born and still lives, is a major influence on the motivations and parameters of her artistic practice.

At the centre of this exhibition, set amongst other selected works, is the European premiere of Yamashiro's latest film Chinbin Western: Representation of the Family. This richly imagined artwork takes the form of an allegorical tale that weaves together comic satire, mining landscapes, opera, traditional Japanese theatre and domestic lives.

This exhibition, and Yamashiro's work in the broadest sense, focuses on marginalised voices, bodies and souls in the East Asian region, addressing universal subjects such as identity and historical memory through uniquely poetic imaginings.

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Free, but booking essential.
Booking Required
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