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Emma Talbot - Ghost Calls
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This major exhibition will debut a new series of works developed for DCA by British artist Emma Talbot, drawing together the diverse facets of her practice to create a new, painterly world in the gallery for audiences to step into.

Talbot's work explores visual autobiography in a truly unique way. Through drawing, painting, animation and three-dimensional making, she articulates internal narratives as visual poems or associative ruminations, based on her own experience, memories and psychological projections.

Incorporating her own writing and references to other literary and poetic sources, Talbot combines painted text, figurative depiction, mark-making and pattern to shift the registers and readings of her work between the symbolic and the everyday. The imagery in her work is direct and hand-drawn, resulting in immediate, open, inventive representations of what is seen in the mind's eye.

The relationship between the physical presence of the work and the fleeting nature of the subject is considered through particular materials: drawings on thin, hand-made papers are folded and painted works are made directly onto silk, which is sewn in sections to make hangings and installations. Her most recent three-dimensional pieces are constructed by hand with simple processes, such as papier-mâché, and stitched soft forms. Talbot will be exhibiting a new series of these works accompanied by further sound and animation pieces in the gallery.

Talbot's work considers complex issues such as feminist theory and storytelling; ecopolitics and the natural world; and pertinent questions regarding our shifting relationships to technology, language and communication. For this exhibition, when our world is more uncertain than ever, Talbot imagines future environments where humankind has been flung out of a capitalist-driven society of digital technologies and must look towards more ancient and holistic ways of crafting, making and belonging to survive.

Planning your visit
Please book your free ticket in advance.
Admission for your chosen timeslot will end 15 minutes after the advertised time.
You can stay in the exhibition for an hour after the advertised start of your timeslot.

What to expect
Reduced visitor numbers.
Written and audio guides available in advance in place of guided tours.

Visiting safely
Wear a face covering unless you're exempt from doing so.
Observe social distancing.
Follow directional signage.
Use the hand sanitiser provided and wash your hands regularly.
Don't visit if you aren't feeling well.

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Free, but booking essential
Booking Required
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