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Chinese Political Thought
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PLEASE NOTE:because of the current situation this course will be held online through zoom (training provided).A free introductory session is offered to anyone new to online learning. Details will be given prior to the class starting.

Chinese Political Thought.
Monday afternoons 2-4pm for five weeks 9th November to 7th December 2020.

Traditionally, the ruler was 'the son of Heaven', with bureaucrats selected on merit. Confucius taught beneficence and rule by persuasion ; Legalists advocated coercion to promote the interests of the majority. From 221 BCE till 1911, China was a 'Confucian-Legalist' state. Chinese Communism under Mao; from1978 Communist rule has been combined with a partly free market, and there has been a revival of Confucianism among intellectuals.

Course code: 04 104.

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Booking Required
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