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Douglas Gordon k.364
Douglas Gordon k.364 Image
Douglas Gordon is a Scottish artist who creates work that questions the complexities of memory and perception, both from an individual and collective position. This exhibition focuses on his major film installation k.364 and marks the premiere of this work in a public gallery in the UK.

k.364 features two Israeli musicians of Polish descent (Avri Levitan and Roi Shiloah) traveling to Poland from Berlin by train. Shown on multiple screens and with layered audio, the film follows the two men through a desolate landscape in a country whose tragic and violent history is barely resolved for them.

Gordon films the musicians on this personal journey, isolating intimate moments when their passionate love of music seems to move between them. Leaving Berlin, they first travel through Poznaſ, home of the celebrated Amadeus Chamber Orchestra. The journey concludes with the musicians' performance, at the Warsaw Philharmonic concert hall, of Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat major (also known as Mozart's Köchel Composition k.364, from which the title of this piece is derived).

This work is an intimate document of the relationship between individuals and the power of music, against the subtly drawn backdrop of a dark and unresolved social history.

Installation view k.364, Gagosian, London©Studio, Studio lost but found/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019. Photo by Studio lost but found/Frederik Pedersen. Image courtesy of Studio lost but found, Berlin and Gagosian, London

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