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River Deep Mountain High: Archives to Artworks
River Deep Mountain High: Archives to Artworks Image
River Deep Mountain High HIGHarchives to artworksAn exhibition to mark the Year of Coast and Water curated by Archive Services at the University of Dundee. Artists and creative writers were invited to respond to the Universitys rich collections on the themes of rivers, seas, coasts and mountains. Original photographs, journals, plans and specimens relating to whaling, the River Tay, the natural world and mountaineering have inspired jewellery, artwork, sculpture, poetry and much more.

Opening on 7th February at 5pm the exhibition runs from 8th February to 11 April in the Lamb Gallery, Mon-Fri 9-5pm and Saturday 1-5pm.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.

Promoted By: University of Dundee
Monday 24th February 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 25th February 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 26th February 2020 9:00am
Thursday 27th February 2020 9:00am
Friday 28th February 2020 9:00am
Saturday 29th February 2020 1:00pm
Monday 2nd March 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 3rd March 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 4th March 2020 9:00am
Thursday 5th March 2020 9:00am
Friday 6th March 2020 9:00am
Saturday 7th March 2020 1:00pm
Monday 9th March 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 10th March 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 11th March 2020 9:00am
Thursday 12th March 2020 9:00am
Friday 13th March 2020 9:00am
Saturday 14th March 2020 1:00pm
Monday 16th March 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 17th March 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 18th March 2020 9:00am
Thursday 19th March 2020 9:00am
Friday 20th March 2020 9:00am
Saturday 21st March 2020 1:00pm
Monday 23rd March 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 24th March 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 25th March 2020 9:00am
Thursday 26th March 2020 9:00am
Friday 27th March 2020 9:00am
Saturday 28th March 2020 1:00pm
Monday 30th March 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 31st March 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 1st April 2020 9:00am
Thursday 2nd April 2020 9:00am
Friday 3rd April 2020 9:00am
Saturday 4th April 2020 1:00pm
Monday 6th April 2020 9:00am
Tuesday 7th April 2020 9:00am
Wednesday 8th April 2020 9:00am
Thursday 9th April 2020 9:00am
Friday 10th April 2020 9:00am
Saturday 11th April 2020 1:00pm
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