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Ten-year-old Willy is having the time of his life, accompanying his explorer parents on their intergalactic space mission to document all the extraordinary forms of new life they are discovering. He gets to have great fun, meet exotic flora and fauna and ride his hoverboard through the endless corridors of their spacecraft. But this idyllic existence is shattered when an asteroid shower destroys the ship, and the escape pod that Willy manages to wriggle into separates him from his parents and takes him down to a mysterious planet. He quickly realises he is very much alone, with only the help of Buck, a survival robot, on which to depend. Can he survive for long enough until his parents can reach him? Or will the strange new world in which he finds himself be too full of dangers from which he cannot escape?

This beautifully animated, gorgeously designed sci-fi adventure is a thrilling tale that manages to blend together a whole raft of fantastical story elements. There are enjoyably familiar hints of dinosaurs, computer games, prehistoric tribal life, faithful canine companions and a whole range of weird-looking creatures that could be friendly (but maybe aren't). The younger audience will enjoy it as a cracking adventure story; older viewers may well also enjoy spotting references to classic movie moments from across the years...

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
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