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Dundee Design Festival
Keiller Centre  |  Free.
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This year we are rethinking what a design festival is and how it should work, putting people first and building from the ground up. We have developed a programme that explores process, makes design accessible and delivers it through an on-demand format so you can turn up at any time during the week and take part in anything.

We have also created Afterworks, a series of fun and thought-provoking events taking place each evening outside of the main festival venue.

Festival Programme:-
On Demand - All Day - Every Day
10.00-17.00 - Every day - Keiller Centre - Free

Approaching Air
Looking forward to the year 2039, Approaching Air will be creating a scent from a collective vision of the future. Visit the lab during the festival to contribute your forward-looking positive stories and be part of the creation of this bespoke scent.

Fragrance design studio Arboretum (lead by Clara Weale) and designer Pete Thomas have collaborated to create an experience that uses scent to encourage you to think about the hopeful futures you imagine.

Poster Playground
At any time during the festival, the playground space will be open. Come in, pick up a brief and get hands-on creating a poster using one of two design techniques created for the festival. Throughout each day we will be photographing the work created, printing it and pasting it up in designated spaces around Dundee.

Design Superstore
Design maven Joanne McFadyen of Tea Green Events has brought together a diverse and exciting range of products from designers based in Scotland, all curated around the theme Liveable/Loveable. Browse for a design souvenir from her colourful custom-built Design Superstore, fabricated by Dundee designers Roots Furniture.

With both lifestyle and fashion products ranging from Kate Trouw's elegant yet playful jewellery; Clod & Pebble's ceramic tableware; and vibrant, contemporary quilts by Lucy Engels; there's lots to love and plenty you'd like to live with. Below is a small selection of the products you will find in the Design Superstore.

City Brand Simulator
Citizens should have a say over how their city looks, operates and communicates. What if you could directly impact what your city brand looked like? Or have a city brand that can flex and adapt on a real-time basis? The City Brand Simulator allows you to create your very own version of a hypothetical future brand of Dundee.

Introducing Make Bank
Make Bank is a new social project addressing creative poverty and the differing access school pupils have to both design subjects and their future careers. The Make Bank will work across the UK to provide materials kits for disadvantaged pupils enabling them to pursue a future career in the creative industries.

We've collaborated with local music artists and record shops to create a soundtrack for the festival at the Keiller Centre. From 21 ' 28 May we will be taking over the centre's sound system. Local artists Andrew Wasylyk, SHHE, Tommy Perman and many more have all curated music to create a bespoke soundtrack for each day of the festival. We'll also have a day of exclusively playing and championing locally produced music. Our playlists will be available on the live feed after each day.

The Claw
In the spirit of shopping centres in the past providing arcade-style entertainment, we've reinvented the traditional grabber machine to offer a fun experience and unique prizes. Win specially designed products created specifically for the festival. Can you beat The Claw?

We Live in the Future
Taking you thirty years into the future, exploring the sights, sounds, smells, systems and technology that could be part of our everyday lives. Come and experience multiple versions of this Liveable/Loveable future reality from four unique perspectives.

Living Library
You may not want to leave the design festival, well that's OK you can stay as long as you like*. We are creating a living/working library equipped with free power and WiFi. Feel free to come and use the shared desk space, comfy areas and a range of design-related books and magazines that will be on offer to read or swap.

Coffee Bar
Local cafe The Bach will be creating a pop-up coffee bar in the Keiller for the duration of the Festival. All coffee is supplied from Arbroath based coffee roasters Sacred Grounds. Don't worry if you don't like coffee, you'll also be able to get teas, juices and snacks.

The Keiller Centre takes its name from the James Keiller & Son confectionary factory that once stood in the same spot. We are working with the City Archive and other private collectors to curate a selection of original wrappers and packaging that will be on display in the coffee bar.

View the Afterworks programme.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
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