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Para-site-seeing: Jen Southern, Rod Dillon
Para-site-seeing: Jen Southern, Rod Dillon Image
What does lifespan mean for a parasite that reproduces as asexual clones and is revived after 30 years suspended in a deep frozen state? How far does the digital footprint of a parasite stretch online? This work centers on the deadly Leishmania parasite that exploits human conflict and poverty to inhabit humans and cause the disease known as Leishmaniasis. Para-site-seeing is a travel blogging portal for the Leishmania parasite, created by Jen Southern and Rod Dillon and co-commissioned with NEoN the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research. Through the portal multiple narratives unfold, as parasites blog, tweet, insta and vlog their way around the world, tracing their lives in the wild, as experimental subjects in labs, transforming themselves on board sandflies as vehicles for multi-species encounters. Follow para-site-seeing from the parasites first out-of-body experience in the 1960s and witness its first moments emerging from cryopreservation.The portal will be live from 6 November and you can come and meet Leishmania at the para-site-seeing cellfie booth during the festival. This exhibition is part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival.

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