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WW1 Silk Embroidered Postcards

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During WW1 silk postcards and handkerchiefs were bought as souvenirs by soldiers who were serving on the Western Front. Strips of silk organza were originally hand-embroidered by women and girls in their homes or at refugee camps, but as demand increased, production was moved to Parisian factories. Batches of embroidered strips were sent for cutting and mounting onto postcards and were available to purchase for a few francs. These postcards were very popular with British and American soldiers, it is estimated that some 10 million silk embroidered postcards were made.

The cards were bought as momentos to send home to loved ones and the images found on the cards included flowers, birds, patriotic messages, symbols, crests and badges. Sadly, many of the soldiers who sent these cards did not return home.

Known as ‘WW1 Silks’ these embroidered postcards are highly collectable.