Streetwise: The Pleasance

Name Plate

The Pleasance, in Lochee Road, at one time formed part of the gardens connected with Dudhope Castle when it was occupied by the Scrymgeoure family. What is now Lochee Road was originally a pathway through this garden, which latterly gave form to a winding street. In the olden time the word “Pleasance” was applied to a secluded portion of a garden, shut in from intrusion by trees and shrubs, and affording security from interruption. Now, the pathway of other days is a very busy thoroughfare; the garden-ground is covered by closely crowded buildings and works – including the brewery that belonged to the late Provost Ballingall – and nothing remains of the old Pleasance of Dudhope save the name that has so long survived.

Source: ‘Glimpses of Old and New Dundee’ – A.H. Millar, January 1925

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